Virginity restoration

Easily and without surgery
Capsules with artificial blood are vaginal capsules designed for virginity restoration. They are intended for women who wish to restore their virginity before marriage after its loss. The capsules are inserted into the vagina 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse. Upon contact with the temperature and moisture of the vagina, the capsule's membrane becomes thinner, and during sexual intercourse, the capsule ruptures, releasing artificial blood that simulates a natural rupture of the hymen. This method allows for the creation of a realistic effect of the hymen with real sensations and a natural color.

Capsules with artificial blood are safe for health as they consist of natural ingredients and do not cause harm. They offer an alternative to surgical virginity restoration methods (hymenoplasty), which are expensive and require surgical intervention. This product ensures the preservation of intimate confidentiality and is suitable for use by various women.
The capsules for long-term virginity restoration
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We have been on the market for 8 years.
Helped more than 1000 girls
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One capsule for trial is included in the set
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The capsules have numerous advantages:

  • Do not require regular visits to the doctor, saving time and simplifying the application process.

  • Safe and do not contain toxic substances.

  • Their use is not accompanied by painful sensations, making them easier to use.

  • Rarely cause allergic reactions, making them suitable for most users.

  • Capsules are available at an affordable price compared to hymenoplasty.

  • Their use does not require gynecological examinations, making the use of capsules more convenient and confidential.

What should you know about the capsule?

  • Warranty

    We strive to assist every girl! Unfortunately, in this matter, it is impossible to provide a 100% guarantee. There are only two methods: capsules and hymenoplasty. Even in clinics where hymenoplasty is performed, there is no guarantee, as the success of the procedure depends on many factors. In any case, there will be risks involved. However, our experience of eight years allows us to confidently state that we have helped over a thousand girls worldwide, and according to our observations, in 90% of cases, the capsules we provide have a positive effect.

    We make daily shipments across the CIS to assist our clients. On our website, you can find many positive reviews from our satisfied customers."

  • Composition

    All ingredients of the capsules are completely natural, produced from plant sources.

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